1. Unfortunately, the Nextel Cup Points Challenge does not have the resources to manage more than 50 players. Participants from previous years' pools will be given first option to join or re-join the NCPC. Any available slots will be then filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. New and/or first-time players MUST email Roger Laferte and Ken Handfield to introduce themselves before they will be added to the list of players. This is MANDATORY, so please do not forget to do this!

3. Players submit who they think the top ten finishers will be in the order of finish. Additionally, bonus points are awarded for correctly picking the driver who leads the most laps during a race.

4. Only drivers' names will be used in submitting picks. Car numbers are not acceptable. This is to prevent any confusion or conflicts during 'Silly Season'. Points are awarded based on the driver, not the car.

5. Only Nextel Cup championship events will be counted for the purpose of this pool. Please do not submit picks for non-points events.

6. Scores are tallied after the official results have been released by NASCAR, the sanctioning body of Nextel Cup racing. No other source for such results will be considered or used.

7. Submit your picks either via the website or by sending an email to rogerlaf@earthlink.net and ken@lightbombers.com in the following format:


John Doe's picks for the Daytona 500
     1. Ricky Craven
     2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
     3. Mark Martin
     4. Rusty Wallace
     5. Jeff Gordon
     6. Terry Labonte
     7. Dale Jarrett
     8. Mike Skinner
     9. Ernie Irvan
     10. Jeremy Mayfield
     Laps Leader: Dale Jarrett

Leave nothing to chance or assumption- be sure to spell out the first name of each driver to avoid any confusion. Surnames are a necessity- especially in cases of generational drivers. (Hamilton and Jarrett fans you have been warned!) Driver names entered without the necessary surnames will be considered the eldest racer. (Hamilton = Hamilton, Sr.)

8. Picks must be submitted no later than 30 minutes before the start of a race. Entries submitted after this deadline will not be honored. Double check race times and don't rely on what I've placed on the website- starts sometimes change or are announced incorrectly in the TV listings.

9. Players can resubmit and/or change their picks at any time up until the deadline. Feel free to submit your picks early for any of the race(s) should you be going out of town, vacation, to the track, etc.

10. Scoring is as follows:

     1 point for each driver correctly in the top ten (10 pts. max.)
     5 points for each driver in the correct position (50 pts. max.)
     20 points for picking the race winner (20 pts. max.)
     20 points for picking the driver with the most laps (20 pts. max.)

For example, a 1st place pick in the correct slot will net 26 points (20+5+1); while a correct driver in the top ten but in the wrong spot will net 1 point. A 4th place pick in the exact spot will net 6 points, while a 7th place pick who actually finished the race in 5th would earn you 1 point. Picking the correct laps leader would net you 20 points.

A total of 100 points per race is possible.

11. Weekly results and season scores will be tracked on the website. These scores will be updated as soon as possible following the release of the official race results by NASCAR.

12. The most important rule of all~ have fun!!!